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🌍 We're your passport to the finest Ghanaian hot sauce

Blac Gold offers an umami, smoky masterpiece in each drop, fusing the bold essence of hot sauce and the seductive allure of chili oil into a culinary masterpiece. We've mastered the art of sauce alchemy in uncompromisingly exquisite batches. Elevate your spice game with the crème de la crème of heat, dressed in packaging fit for royalty. We grant you the key to Ghana's most revered hot sauce, elevated with the globe's finest ingredients, available in exclusive drops.

Years Perfecting the Recipe
Scoville Units

Our Hot Sauce Hero & Its Trusty Sidekick

BLAC GOLD is crafted with all natural, carefully considered ingredients, zero artificial preservatives, and attention to detail.

❌ no sugar
❌ no artificial preservatives
✅ 100% pure avocado oil
✅ sustainably caught skipjack wild tuna
✅ umami deliciousness
“When I was in boarding school, every student in Ghana brought a jar of hot sauce in their pantry boxes. Once the hot sauce runs out, it felt like your life was over.”
Emmanuel Osei Kuffuor
“Unlike other generic sauces, this sauce tastes really natural.”
Hot Sauce Enthusiast
“I want this in all my chips and dip, when I am having guac and mix it with BLAC GOLD!”
Epicurean Taster
“Great for cooking! I want to pour this on vegetables.”
Flavor Adventurer
“I'm so excited to try this with pasta!”
Taste Pioneer
“I can't wait any longer!”
Culinary Aficionado